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What is sustainability, really?

Sustainability is one of those topics that is so multi-faceted. You hear terms such as eco friendly, zero-waste, plastic free, you may have images in your mind of Greenpeace and tree hugging environmentalists, and if you work for a large corporate you've probably heard of "ESG" ( Environmental, Social and corporate Governance), You may not have any clue of any of the above, and may even have experiences where people in the sustainability space appear as stand-offish, incredibly protective over their area of expertise, condescending to people who don't have experience in the field or worse - you may find yourself under attack from these people for your current on sustainability or even your general way of being.

This is why we wrote our book. We want sustainability to be open and accessible to everyone, and provide a guide that anyone can use to get started. It shouldn't be a scary topic for anyone, and no-one should feel that they can't play a part.

Here's how we're defining sustainability, and we're going to do so by asking a few questions:

How do you create a happier and healthier environment?

How do you create something that is going to last for the long term?

Anyone can play a part in helping the environment in which we work and live in to be a happier and healthier place. And there shouldn't be any judgement on how small or large a role that person plays in doing so - it all counts. :)


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