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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Are you just a little bit curious about why this 'sustainability' word is such a buzz right now? Or are you already well on your way to becoming a pro and want to gather the troops around you to see whether you can make a difference? Well, then you're in the right place.

'Sustainability in the Corporate World: A Practical Guide for Real People by Real People' was put together by three people who, at different stages in their journeys towards their own personal sustainability practices, decided to start up a Sustainability Club at the corporate where they worked. This very sustainable eBook is the result of what they learned - starting with why sustainable practice is actually very important for corporates and companies of all sizes - and offering up the tools for anyone and everyone to apply in building or being a part of their own communities.

Written by real people, for real people, Sustainability in the Corporate World is a practical, worksheet filled, user-friendly guide that cuts the jargon and is there to help get anyone started in creating a wider level of company engagement through a series of sustainable best practices. Through three sections: Corporate, Community, and Communications, ‘Sustainability in the Corporate World’ takes a deeper look into how anyone can help make their workplace a happier and healthier place for the long-term.

Meant to inspire, educate and empower, this is a tool-filled book for anyone and everyone wanting to be a part of the change!

We're also super passionate about helping others reach their goals of becoming more sustainable whilst working at their company - so we will be posting more resources (for free!) on this blog.

Spreading the love, sustainably, one ebook and blog post at a time :)

Ambika, Carmen & Loz.

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