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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

ANYONE can start a #community - in their own neighbourhood, the company they work for or globally.

Start by working out what the COMMON CREED is - a set of guiding beliefs that unites a group of people.

Here’s an example: Eric Liu, a former White House policy advisor and co-founder of Citizen University, is also the co-founder of an event series called 'Civic Saturdays'. “In a time of deep anxiety, disconnectedness, and political polarization, people need a place to come together in civic community—in a room face-to-face—to reflect on and rededicate ourselves to the values and practices of being a contributing member of civic life in the United States.” - Eric Liu. (Read more at

Focused on “nurturing a spirit of shared purpose, wrestle with moral questions regarding what it means to be an American, and develop a sense of civic character,” the events have a common creed: helping their members have smarter arguments, acknowledging a shared heritage and humanity.

If you want to start a sustainability club where you work, start by figuring out what your common creed is.

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