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Our Story



We are three ex-colleagues who met whilst working on the same floor at a multinational supply chain company, with over 20,000 employees.

During our time working together, and over countless lunches and coffee breaks, we realised that we shared a common goal: to bring people together in the company to

A the time there were no open discussions taking place around the topic of sustainability, and we knew from talking to other colleagues there was growing interest in the company to have REAL CONVERSATIONS on how to even be more sustainable in the office (as a start) and beyond.   

So we decided to start up our own club at work, which we named The Sustainability Club. We started with just the three of us, and ended up with a long list of members: employees in our company across all departments joined us, and it even branched out to offices overseas! 

We're not gung ho "green shaming" people. We're real people who were at different stages of living fully sustainable lives when we met- some of us better than others - but that's what made us more approachable to others.

Our colleagues were impressed that we managed to build such a club around sustainability inside our company, as the topic can be seen as quite "controversial". We then started finding people outside our company asking for advice, such as:

"How can I start my own club at work?"

"Can you share your story with us?"

"What are some tips to others to become more sustainable in the workplace?"


And that's why our e-book was born. We wrote a practical guide sharing exactly how we dealt with issues such as ZERO budget, office politics and getting the word out to grow the club organically.  

Since we have launched the book, we have been asked to speak at events, create custom e-guides for other companies and write guest blog posts for other companies covering topics around sustainability.


If you have any questions about our e-book, would like to send in your feedback, how the e-book has helped you/ your company, or want to simply have a chat, please get in touch with us via our Contact page, we'd love to hear from you!


Ambika, Carmen and Lawrence.


Think about what sustainability means to you.
This could mean using less plastic, recycling, reducing carbon emissions, food production & waste, water scarcity,  deforestation, biodiversity issues and so on.


Now, look around your office.

And then think about your department.

And your company overall.  


How would you rate your company on any or all of the above sustainability issues that matter to you? 

Do you think these issues should be left to your "Corporate Sustainability" department (if you have one)? 


What if we told you that anyone in the company can make a difference, and work with colleagues and relevant departments to make positive change happen?

how this book can help

  • Learn what corporate sustainability really is all about

  • Find out how companies can become more sustainable, and why that's important

  • How you as an individual can help make changes at the company you work for - small and big

  • Practical advice on how to organically build a community in your organisation so you can work on sustainability initiatives together

  • Communication tips to help you build a brand internally for your new community

  • Learn how to run events with a sustainable edge

  • Provides event and activity Ideas to gather internal employees around sustainability topics

  • Practical life advice on how to become more sustainable (from real people who have started from zero to hero)

what's included

- Sustainable events at work playbook

- Community building worksheets

- Building a brand worksheets 

- A guide to living a more sustainable life checklist

- A guide to sustainable travel

- Quotes from corporate & startup executives including WeWork & Ogilvy

free resources

Looking for some tips to get started and become more sustainable at work? Check out our resources page to get started.

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